About Us

Vaping has become increasingly popular in the last couple years, with people realizing that it offers a real alternative to smoking. Many people look at vaping from the outside and see those who are having fun making big clouds or trying outlandish flavors. And while that is a part of vape culture, most people who vape are there because they did not want to smoke any longer.

It is certainly our story. We are two men in our mid 30s who were sick of smelling like smoke all the time. We wanted to play sports, be healthy and have fun with our lives. It is when we turned to vaping a few years ago to try and quit smoking. And it worked like a charm for both of us. Then we got deep into the vape scene, learning about different coils and mods and flavors. Now we want to share our passion with others.

We want to show you there is so much to learn about vaping. It is not limited to Juul or the other popular brands that you might hear about. There is so much more to vaping and we want to ensure that you are able to keep up with all that information. Our magazine will highlight new products, catch you up on the latest news and tell you about any other information that is relevant to the vaping scene.

Whether you started vaping because you like the concept, wanted to quit smoking or were encouraged by a friend, you will find a space here that will give you all the relevant information about the hobby. You can learn how to make your own coils, liquids and other gear. We will tell you about mod safety, especially when using unregulated mechanical mods. And we will continue to promote the vape gear, both devices and liquids, which we find the most appealing.