Benefits of Smoking

It’s no secret that quitting a smoking habit or getting over a nicotine addiction is a difficult undertaking. Even non-smokers may have heard about the many frustrations involved in the process of overcoming an addiction to cigarette smoking. Due to these challenges, lots of smokers end up falling off the bandwagon.  One of the key … Read more

Using Vaping To Quit Smoking

By this time it is likely that you already know someone in your life who regularly smoked cigarettes but has now switched to vaping. Since its inception, vaping has been met with much interest, especially amongst many cigarette smokers. And if you happen to be on the verge of quitting your nicotine habit then perhaps … Read more

Is vaping cheaper, safer alternative to smoking

There seems to be a general misconception that vaping is a better alternative than smoking your run-of-the-mill cigarette. Unlike cigarette smoking, vaping has no foul odor. As matter of fact, vaping comes in a variety of flavors with accompanying scents. Some favorites amongst the vaping community include bubble gum, gummi bears, vanilla, and fruits (banana, … Read more

The 30 Day Method To Help You Quit Smoking

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has time and again stated how there are more annual deaths attributed to smoking than car accidents, suicides, murders, HIV, and drug or alcohol use put together. Cigarette smoking is an expensive and unhealthy habit that has been known to cause chronic lung conditions, heart disease, cancer, and … Read more

Vaping Ohms: What Exactly Is It?

Electronic cigarettes were first introduced to the market in 2003. Since then more and more people have been switching from cigarette smoking to vaping. And like many innovations, there is a slew of new terms that go with it. Unlike cigarettes that you can buy just about anywhere, all it takes is to get a … Read more

Curb Your Smoking Habit Through Personal Analysis

Contrary to popular belief, smoking is not a physical addiction, rather, it is a psychological one. As evidenced by countless studies, controlling nicotine intake is manageable but overcoming the mental desire is more challenging than expected.  Though it can be a bit difficult to get out of a smoking habit it is not entirely impossible … Read more