Getting Through Your First Day When You Quit Smoking

An addiction no matter what shape, size, or form does not happen overnight. Cigarette smoking is one of the major addictions that a large chunk of the human population suffers from. The age of smoking addicts has gotten younger and younger each year. Reports of children in third world countries have been cropping up with each story more unbelievable than the previous one. 

Because of this health departments across the globe are cracking down on cigarette use and nicotine addiction. Expansive efforts are being made to try and convince the general public about the dangers of smoking. These endeavors have not gone in vain as support centers and rehab facilities are seeing smokers take proactive measures to quit smoking. 

Simple tips to get your first day started

Long-time smokers however have notably been experiencing more difficulty in getting through their first day of kicking the nicotine habit. Here are few simple things you can implement on Day 1 of your cigarette-free life.

Pick the right day

Each person has a day or two each week they consider as the least stressful of all. Consider selecting it as your starting point. You will be less annoyed and calmer when you plan it out rather than just pick one randomly. It also helps you prepare mentally since the day or date is already something you know of. 

Try replacements

Whenever you feel the urge to reach for a stick to light up, grab a piece of gum instead. Lozenges, inhalers, nasal sprays, and skin patches are some of the most common nicotine replacement products easily available to consumers.  

Set goals 

Quitting cold turkey is common for smokers who are suddenly hit with the desire to leave behind their nicotine dependent lifestyle. The trouble with this approach is that it often fails. Rather than set a long-term goal try for something short-term. Take it a day at a time or even hour by hour. 

Take up a physical activity 

Keep yourself preoccupied with participating in physical activities. Availing of a gym membership, jogging, participating in sports like basketball, tennis, or swimming is healthy and a great way to distract yourself from wanting to smoke. 

Rest and relaxation

Just like exercise, having ample rest is extremely beneficial. Nap when you can and get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Boost energy and regenerate your cellular reproduction through restful sleep.

Keep your hands busy

Take up an activity or hobby that will keep your hands busy and your mind focused on it. Putting together puzzles, painting, and knitting are just some things you can take up.  

Try some meditation

Breathing exercises and meditation practices have been proven to help provide better focus. It teaches you to take some time to be more aware of yourself, your surroundings, and your mental wellbeing. 

Managing triggers

Smoking especially in workplaces usually occurs during lunch or coffee breaks. This means that it is routine-like for a lot of smokers. On the other hand, there are individuals who tend to smoke when they are triggered. If you smoke every time you take coffee then drink something like tea instead. 

If a night out of drinking also involves smoking, then it may be ideal to limit the consumption of alcohol. Additionally, if an after-meal cigarette is a common part of your day then look into replacing your habit with a different activity. 

At the end of the day

Quitting a long-standing smoking habit is not an easy task. In order to make it through your first 24 hours, it requires dedication and perseverance on your part. To make it easier it helps to let your family and friends know about your intention so that they can help you overcome hurdles and withdrawal symptoms you may encounter. 

When going out, steer clear of places that allow smoking, seek out areas that prohibit it to limit your temptations. For every milestone, you reach give yourself small rewards to encourage the progress you are making. Bear in mind that change should be done gradually if you are looking to see the best results. 

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