Is vaping cheaper, safer alternative to smoking

People often like to talk about the advantages of vaping over smoking like vaping cheaper. It is understandable, as vaping does not make you smell in the same way as cigarettes. You do not have to go outside to vape, especially if you are at home. And you do not have to worry about the hundreds of chemicals that go in your body each time you take a drag on a cigarette.

But what about the cost? Some say that vaping is cheaper. But if you have looked at the prices of Juul, the company that’s implicated in trying to attract teen buyers, and similar vaping products, then you will feel as though it is not true. Juul pods are extremely expensive. There are some companies like Blu that have cheaper alternatives, but those are not always as good – and they are still expensive!

Saving Money On Vape Gear

The first step to saving money on vape gear is to buy a kit. You will have to buy a small device (if that is what you want) that gives you a Juul style experience, but where you can add liquid to the pods.

It will be the start of money savings, as you just have to replace the pods once a month or something along those lines. You do not have to buy a new pod every few days or week, which is the case with Juul.

Then you will look at buying cheaper liquid. We would suggest starting with a local shop, as you can get some flavors to try out. But when you know what you like, we would recommend that you go online. You will find much better deals on these products online, as you are able to get them for reduced prices.

There are even some sites where you can get bulk liquid for very low prices, especially if you are going with the simpler flavors. You can buy unflavored if you want to go even cheaper!

Making Juice

The ultimate way to save money is to go full DIY. You will get a slightly bigger vaping device, where you can build your own coils. This is a lot cheaper, as you can replace the cotton and coils for a fraction of the price of the pods or pre-made coils that you are buying before.

And you can even make your own juice. All you have to do is buy VG, PG, nicotine and the flavors you want. Then you are mixing! You can make liquid and have a year’s supply for the price of a month’s pre-made liquid that you would get from an average online vaping store.

At the end of the day, most people vape because they want to quit smoking. Or they enjoy the experience. So they know they are going to spend money on this hobby. But you may want to enjoy the hobby without breaking the bank. And that is what you will be able to do if you follow these steps. You will see how you are able to spend less money than you were before, while still enjoying the same experience as before! Or don’t speak anything. Just quit, not so easy, though, like “just say no,” but probably your best bet.

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