Is vaping cheaper, safer alternative to smoking

There seems to be a general misconception that vaping is a better alternative than smoking your run-of-the-mill cigarette. Unlike cigarette smoking, vaping has no foul odor. As matter of fact, vaping comes in a variety of flavors with accompanying scents. Some favorites amongst the vaping community include bubble gum, gummi bears, vanilla, and fruits (banana, peach, apple, etc.).

Besides having more amazing flavor options, vaping does not require a user to step outside to vape. This makes it especially ideal for indulgence even whilst indoors. There’s also a smaller risk of chemicals assaulting your system each time you take a drag compared to when you pick up a cigarette. 

What about the costs though?

Vaping enthusiasts claim that it is cheaper than cigarette smoking, but is it really? Anyone who has ever looked into vaping will know that this is not true. Even leading brands like Juul, a brand implicated in targeting teen buyers, have been shown to market pods and similar vaping products that come at a premium price. Though there are companies like Blu that offer alternatives that come with a cheaper price tag, the quality does not come close to the more expensive varieties. 

Making vape a cost efficient choice

Acquiring a kit is the first thing to look into if you are interested in saving money. To get the same Juul experience, consider looking into a device that is compact and yet allows for the addition of liquid to the pods. 

Going this route is the beginning of better money savings because you simply need to replace pods monthly. This eliminates the need to buy new pods once consumed, something Juul users have to deal with every few days or even on a weekly basis. 

Find liquid that fits your budget best. Not all inexpensive liquids are created equal. There are cheaper vape liquids that can compete easily with the pricier options. Try visiting a local shop and browse available flavors. Some shops offer free trials or at least would give you a good idea of which ones appeal to you the most. You can purchase some from the shop or go online to check out other brands. 

Many attest to finding great deals when buying products on the internet. Bulk deals on vape liquids are also a common occurrence on various websites. Pro tip: unflavored vape liquids are priced even cheaper than flavored ones. 

Making juice

It should however come as no surprise that the DIY approach is what brings in the most savings. The do-it-yourself method however requires selecting a vaping device that is slightly bigger than a Juul style. You need one that allows you to put together your own coils. 

The reason this is cheaper is that it allows you to replace the coils and the cotton for a small portion of the cost of pre-made coils or store-bought pods. Putting together your own juice only requires you to purchase nicotine, VG, PG, and the flavors you are interested in. Web tutorials in the form of articles and videos can provide you with additional information and tips to help you mix your liquid perfectly. It should be noted that you can put together a year’s worth of vaping liquid for the price of over-the-counter liquid that would only last you a month. 

In summary

Most people switch to vape because they wish to quit smoking. Some are simply curious and are looking to try out what this new experience has to offer. Thus, new users are aware from the start of the money to be spent on this new hobby. Avoid breaking the bank by opting for a DIY approach or by taking time to research your options.

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