Say Goodbye To Smoking Marijuana And Say Hello To Vaporizing

Very few realize that vaping was invented as a “healthier” alternative to cigarette smoking. Electronic cigarettes were designed as a cessation product. Items like nicotine patches and nicotine gum are other examples of products that belong under the same cessation umbrella. Their general purpose is to supposedly assist a person who is looking to quit cigarette smoking. 

Though vaping is not being enjoyed as a stand-alone product for recreational purposes, in some instances it is still being marketed as a tool to help a person quit a smoking addiction. Especially when countless healthcare practitioners continue to advocate it as an effective and safe replacement to cigarettes. Users both young and old have now turned to vaping for a host of reasons – it doesn’t hurt that it also happens to be cheaper than smoking those good ‘ole cancer sticks.

Vaping & weed

At the moment, one of the primary reasons people are drawn to vaping can be attributed to marijuana usage. There is a growing number of avid weed smokers who are curious to see how much of a difference smoking marijuana is from vaping it. Smoking some Mary Jane differs a little from enjoying its vapors, this is not however to say that one trumps the other. Essentially, the decision falls on personal preference above all else. But enough of idle chatter, let’s jump into the matter at hand.

Vape the healthy alternative to smoking

Every time you light up a stick of cigarette you are basically ingesting tar. This by-product is harmful and has been known to contain a large portion of carcinogenic properties which according to the National Cancer Institute – are the culprits behind cigarette smoking types of cancer. 

While burning cannabis does not have the same toxicity as lighting up a cigarette, the truth of the matter is – it still produces tar. The American Lung Association discusses the dangers of tar which is present even in burnt firewood. What makes vaping great is that, unlike smoking, there is no combustion. And because there is no combustion, none of the harmful chemicals found in smoking tobacco are present. That said, it is clear that vaping weed is much more beneficial than smoking it. Furthermore, there are vape juices or liquids that have been found to contain additives that are toxic which can cause serious repercussions to your lungs. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to do your homework before procuring any vape products. 

Differentiating a vaping high and a smoking high

Whether or not most people care to admit it, the fact is, there is a lot of curiosity surrounding this subject matter. A study conducted back in 2018 by John Hopkins University indicates that making a switch to vaping is ideal. According to the report, vaporized weed packs a greater punch of THC. To the frequent cannabis user, this means a more potent high from the vapors. Research further discovered intensified effects of cannabis were experienced by 17 users. Including adverse effects like nausea, paranoia, anxiety, etc.

The results of the experiment however do not necessarily apply to all cannabis users. Participants of the aforementioned study are infrequent users and have been asked to refrain from smoking a month prior. To date, additional research is required in order to come up with more definitive results.

Tasting the difference

If you’ve ever tasted food that is badly scorched, you know that there is nothing about the taste that is appetizing. The same can be said about smoking weed where the chances of ruining the natural flavors are high. Comparatively, when you vape weed you will find a flavor profile that is more intense and refined. 

Vaping cannabis heats it at a temperature that is much lower than when you burn it. The end result is a subtle flavor that offers varying tasting notes. By vaping pot, users get to appreciate the full spectrum of aromas and flavors that are found in the terpenes. It’s hard to go wrong especially when you do not have to be assaulted by burnt tasting marijuana each time you take a drag.

Dab/ wax pens: What are they?

A favorite amongst the more seasoned crowd, dab or wax pens are a subcategory of vaping weed. Pens are sought out by those who are looking to ride a strong high. As the name would indicate, these devices resemble pens. Each pen contains a high concentration of cannabis. Typically, dab or wax pens contain as much as 90% THC in the liquid concentrate. This makes it higher than the strongest natural strain of cannabis by 65 points. 

The bottom line about vaporizing weed

Weed enthusiasts who have yet to try the vape method will be pleasantly surprised by how much better it is in comparison to smoking it. There are no added adverse effects other than those that are already present when you smoke it the regular way. Vaping weed also ensures you get the best experience, the best high, and the best flavors. And because you aren’t puffing from a blunt, carting around a pipe or a bong, you get to enjoy your weed as you inhale from your sleek little vaping device. What’s there to lose?

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