Using Vaping To Quit Smoking

You have probably noticed at least one or two people in your life who smoked that have started vaping to quit smoking. And you are probably curious about whether you could do the same, as you may want to quit. It is understandable, as smoking is extremely unhealthy and can lead to many different diseases later in life. Vaping is not a completely safe activity, but most studies indicate that it is much safer than smoking. But is it a viable option for quitting?

Vaping To Quit Smoking
Vaping To Quit Smoking

Smoking Addiction

When someone says they are addicted to smoking, they are almost always saying they are addicted to nicotine. It is the substance in smoking that is addictive, which means that your brain craves more after a while. It is why you will notice that many smokers can become agitated if they have not had a cigarette for five or six hours, some even quicker!

And it is the reason why you see things such as nicotine gum and patches that you are able to buy at convenience stores and pharmacies. These are able to deliver nicotine to the brain without you needing to smoke a cigarette. The issue is that many people cannot quit through these methods, as they miss the sensation of smoking. It is where vaping comes into the equation.

Smoking is ugly. It smells really bad. And in the end, which of these two women would you want to be?

Vaping Is Like Smoking – But Better

When you vape, you are performing a similar process to smoking. You take a little device, which can be in the same shape and size as a cigarette, and drag. Then you get some air in your lungs, which you can inhale and blow out. It is vapor instead of smoke, but it is a similar sensation.

Ecigs are prized for the techie, mechanical differences from one to another. For example, the squonk mod is a vape type that is crazy popular now. There’s nothing so new about them.  They hold a bottle with eliquid that you get your juice going to coils and wicks. Another difference is the liquid moves from an atomizer’s bottom and rises up. They typically have just one battery. With the bottle residing inside, there is more space since no actual tank is needed. This provides more space for the actual ejuice. The bottle has roughly 5 and 12 millilitres of liquid. When vapers squeeze the bottle, the e-juice moves up a pipe and to the RDA to cover the wick. Left-over juice moves back to the bottle so the RDA isn’t filled overcapacity.

Many people around the world are able to use vaping in a bid to quit smoking. There are now smaller vape devices that you can buy, such as Juul or Blu, which are very much like cigarettes in their aesthetic. They have tiny batteries and can last you for a few days on a single charge.

Vaping also has many flavors that you can try, such as strawberry, mango, tobacco, chocolate, coffee or lemonade. You can do a deep dive and get massive vaping devices that can let you blow out big clouds. But most people who want to quit smoking are happy with the small Juul-style devices.

Quitting For Good

The advantage with vaping is that you can also set the nicotine level to what you want. You can buy liquid that has a certain amount of nicotine in it. And the result is that you can slowly taper off your nicotine intake every few months before you are eventually down to 0 nicotine liquid.

Now you just have to mentally break free from the habit of vaping and smoking. It is still hard, but at least you are able to get yourself off the nicotine addiction over time while enjoying a habit that is similar to smoking in its action.

Vaping is also much safer, with almost every study showing that its impact on the body is far less negative than cigarettes by an order of magnitude.

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