Using Vaping To Quit Smoking

By this time it is likely that you already know someone in your life who regularly smoked cigarettes but has now switched to vaping. Since its inception, vaping has been met with much interest, especially amongst many cigarette smokers. And if you happen to be on the verge of quitting your nicotine habit then perhaps vaping has crossed your mind. 

Smokers everywhere who have been in search of alternatives have been jumping onto the vaping bandwagon. And if you are curious to see whether switching is the best step to take towards your dreams of leaving behind a smoking problem. Constant exposure to nicotine is unhealthy and can lead to numerous diseases down the road. Although vaping is still detrimental to your health, research indicates that it is much safer than smoking cigarettes. Given this information, does this however make it the best route for quitting?

Smoking dependency

It is safe to say that when a person proclaims to have a smoking addiction, it is fairly synonymous with having an addiction to nicotine. After all, it is the primary substance in cigarettes that makes them addictive. An addiction occurs when certain substances produce a euphoric feeling in the brain. Failure to satisfy cravings thus explains why smokers become irritable. 

Nicotine gum and patches are abundant in many pharmacies and convenience stores in order to help satiate these urges. What these products do is to give the brain the nicotine it seeks out, omitting the need to reach for a cigarette stick to light up. Unfortunately, the method for quitting has been proven to be unsuccessful. Lots of smokers miss the sensation and the motions that come with smoking, and this is where vaping comes into play. 

How vaping surpasses the average cigarette

Vaping goes through the same movements as smoking. Needless to say, the processes match each other fairly well. When you vape, you make use of a small device. This little gadget resembles the shape and sometimes the size of a cigarette and then take a drag. Doing so, your lungs take in air which you can inhale and then blow out just like you would with the average cigarette. Instead of smoke, users get vapors while giving off the same sensations.  

Inner workings of a vaping device

Electronic cigarettes or ecigs aren’t created equally. Each one is regarded for its mechanical differences and technological advancements. As an example, one well-favored vape type at the moment is the squonk mod

Truth be told there is nothing new about the squonk. Like many vaping devices, the squonk mod has a bottle that carries the eliquid that carries the juice to the wicks and coils. One prominent differentiating factor is how the liquid travels from the atomizer’s base and then rises up. Mods like the squonk houses a singular battery allowing the device to be more compact. The bottle resides inside allowing for additional space for the ejuice since a tank is not required. Roughly 5 to 12 milliliters of liquid can be stored in the bottle. 

Whenever vapers squeeze on the bottle, the ejuice it holds moves up the pipe and to the RDA covering the wick. Any leftover vaping juice then returns to the bottle so that the RDA does not get overly filled. Smokers across the globe have been using vaping as a means to get past their smoking problem. 

Smaller vaping devices now exist and can easily be purchased, two such examples are Juul or Blu. Both are designed to carry the aesthetic of a cigarette. These popular devices contain small batteries that are able to last users several days on a single charge. 

Vape juices

Unlike cigarettes, vaping can be enjoyed through the assortment of flavors it comes in. Fruits like strawberries, peach, apples, and mango are common choices. Chocolate, cotton candy, vanilla, and gummi bear are some of the more playful flavors you can also find in vape shops and online stores. Similarly, one can easily come across larger devices that allow users to blow out clouds of vapor. However, countless individuals who are looking to kick their smoking habit are more than happy to settle with tiny devices that resemble the Juul.

Leaving the smoking habit behind for good

Perhaps the biggest advantage of vaping is the user’s ability to set the level of nicotine they wish to consume. You can either make your own vape liquid and add nicotine based on your personal preference or you can get one over the counter. At the end of the day, the ability to control how much nicotine goes into your vape allows you to taper off your intake little by little until your liquid has none. 

This now leaves you with breaking free from the routine and mental hold that vaping and smoking activities have on you. Simply put, you are left with having to get past the cycle or the triggers that led you to the addiction in the first place. Keep in mind that vaping maybe be a safer alternative but it is still best to be without cigarettes or vape devices. 

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