Vaping Ohms: What Exactly Is It?

Electronic cigarettes were first introduced to the market in 2003. Since then more and more people have been switching from cigarette smoking to vaping. And like many innovations, there is a slew of new terms that go with it. Unlike cigarettes that you can buy just about anywhere, all it takes is to get a stick and light it up. At the most, your main concern is whether to go for a full cigarette, light, or a mentholated one. On the other hand, vaping comes with several terminologies. If you are a  newcomer in the vaping world, it would be beneficial to know the terminology. A common term you will come across in vaping is “ohm.” 

Understanding what ohms are

So what exactly is an ohm? An ohm is an electrical unit of resistance. Simply put, when the coil in your vaping device has a lower resistance, more electrical flow is to be expected from it. Thus, increasing the level of resistance would result in an electrical flow that is much lower. 

When the atomizer’s resistance is low then more electricity flows through it, therefore generating more heat in the coils. More vapor is also generated, which results in intensified flavors. 

The reason big vaping devices exist is that the larger batteries entail higher voltage and lower resistance. An ohm rating is the resistance you get from the coil. This is divided into two categories, the sub-ohm, and the above-ohm.

Sub-ohm vaping

Vaping with a less than 1 ohm coil resistance is categorized as a sub-ohm. When combined with a large battery you get more current running through the machine. Contrary to common misconception, this does not make your device unsafe to use nor does it provide an experience that is too overwhelming. 

Rather, when you select vaping devices that are mods, what you end up getting is vaping equipment that is regulated. The downside of this is the limitations it has on the device’s performance. Furthermore, it should be noted that having an incorrect battery and coil in the machine keeps it from functioning correctly. Unlike a unregulated mech device, sub-ohm vaping is least likely to lead to accidents. 

As long as you are using the mod for your sub-ohm vaping, there is really no cause for concern. Should you choose to go for a mech device, it pays to do ample research on the device and ohm’s law to ensure you are vaping safely. 

The vaping experience does it measure up?

A question so many new users ask is whether the sub-ohm vaping experience actually measures up. The answer varies and is dependent on what a user is looking to gain from vaping.  

If you are the kind of user who got into vaping in order to quit a smoking addiction, then you should enjoy the experience especially if you use 1 ohm or higher resistance devices. Such specifications provide a throat hit with lots of nicotine. On the other hand, if you prefer terpenes via vape, a common component of CBD, you may want to consider doing extensive research.

For better cloud vapors, richer flavors, and an overall vaping experience then sub-ohm devices are your best friends. These can range from small stick devices that are compact or larger mods with big batteries. Get smoother flavor with nice thick clouds particularly when using VG-rich juices. 

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