What Are Ohms In Vaping?

When you first get into vaping, you may be told a lot of terms by people. And it can be hard to understand some of the terminology. There are not many issues to worry about when you are smoking cigarettes. You buy a pack, take out a cigarette and light it up! The most you have to worry about is whether it is a full cigarette, menthol or a light.

Ohms in Vaping

The reason why ohms matter in vaping is because we are dealing with machines that have metal coils. The concept of ohms law is that when you are passing current through a conductor, then your current must be proportional to the supplied voltage and inversely proportional to the conductor’s resistance.

Higher voltage and lower resistance means there is more current going through. And that is why you have big vaping devices that have larger batteries. The resistance that you get with the coil is defined with an ohm rating. In vaping, these are divided into two categories – sub-ohm and above-ohm – less than 1 and greater than 1.

Sub-Ohm Vaping

When you are sub-ohm vaping, you are using a coil that has a resistance that is less than 1 ohm. And you will typically see that combined with a very large battery, which means that you are getting a lot of current going through the machine. Now many would think this would be unsafe or the experience may be too overwhelming.

The fact is that when you are buying devices that are mods, you are getting regulated vaping gear. And this means that you are limited into how it will run. If you do not have the correct coil and battery in the machine, it will not fire. It is not like a mech device, which is unregulated and can lead to accidents.

There is nothing to worry about regarding sub-ohm vaping, provided you are using a mod. If you are using a mech device, you will have to do some research into ohm’s law and your device before you are ready to vape safely.

Is It A Better Experience?

This is the question that so many ask when we are talking about sub-ohm vaping. It is a better experience? The answer will depend a lot on what you want from vaping.

If you are someone who took up vaping because they wanted to quit smoking, then you will be fine with devices that have a resistance higher than 1 ohm. You will get decent flavor, a good throat hit and plenty of nicotine. If you are inhaling terpenes from a vape, which are added to CBD, you might need a different type of advice.

But if you are going into the stage where you want to get more flavor, better clouds and a generally better vaping experience, you will look at sub ohm devices. These can be large mods that have big batteries, or smaller stick devices that are still easy to carry around.

You will get a much better and smoother flavor, while you can get thicker clouds, especially if you are using a juice that has a lot of VG in it.

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